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Annuities Revisited-Part I

From time to time, a client will ask me to look at a proposal related to the purchase of an annuity.  This is a product that is rarely sought out by investors but instead is bought after someone has “pitched” the product. Rarely do I recommend an annuity for a number of reasons:   Annuity […]

Permanent-Term Life Insurance

For almost as long as there has been life insurance, there has been an ongoing debate about whether term life insurance or permanent, cash value life insurance was the best choice for protecting one’s family in the event of a premature death of the breadwinner.  Usually, advisors who don’t sell life insurance agreed that term […]

Selecting Mutual Funds for Your Portfolio

Last week, I discussed how you could develop a balanced portfolio using an Investment Policy Statement (see article at; In the News; Articles).  Once you have decided on your asset allocation, you have to decide the best way to choose mutual funds for your portfolio.    Active verses passive funds.  Some people simply cull […]

Are You Paying Too Much For Your Mutual Fund?

All mutual funds charge internal, ongoing management fees.  These fees are used to pay fund managers, analysts, brokerage and marketing fees, administrative costs, and, in the case of load funds, commissions to the salespeople.  The good news is that fees, on average, are lower than 15 years ago, but only marginally.  The bad news is […]

Home Mortgage Planning Can Save You Money- Part II

Last week, we started to discuss how difficult it is to choose from the more than 200 varieties of home mortgage options.  This week, we’ll continue to help clarify the mortgage decision process.   Is Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI) a bad thing?  In this competitive environment, some mortgage bankers will loan 100% of a home’s […]

Home Mortgage Planning Can Save You Money- Part I

All financial matters have become more complex as the number of options available to consumers has been increasing steadily over the past few years.  You have more investment options; more credit card options; more insurance options; and many more home financing options.  For example, just 25 years ago, you had less than a dozen choices […]

Take the Financial Health Test

  The average American savings rate has declined to below 0%—compared to the 10% savings rates of the early 1980s. This trend will spell trouble for our economy in the years ahead if something isn’t done soon.    What has caused this shift?  Much of the shift can be attributed to easier credit policies by […]

Keeping Your Finances Private

  Most of us put a high price on our privacy, especially when it comes to our finances.  Often, we’re not even willing to share the details of our financial information with our closest family members including adult children or our spouses.  It’s all a big secret.  But, in fact, once we die, it’s no […]

Imagine: Your Child a Teenage Millionaire

As parents we always strive to give our children advantages that we didn’t have when we were young.  We try to make certain they get the best preparatory education possible; go to the best college that they can get in; have a nice home; and take them on great vacations.  Generally, we try to make […]

No Will Can Have Unintended Results

  Even as the number of older people continues to grow, the subject of estate planning remains a sensitive one. Recently, a long-time friend told me how perplexed he was over his elderly parent’s refusal to have wills drawn.  My own experience suggests that 75% to 80% of adults either don’t have a will at […]