For fee-only financial planning advice with decades of experience, visit our sister firm, The Welch Group.

Welch Investments

In 1999, Stewart Welch founded Welch Investments. His vision was to provide financial advice with NO minimum asset requirement. Whether you are just now beginning to think about your financial future, approaching retirement, or already enjoying your retirement years, Welch Investments will work to help you achieve a secure financial future.

Fee Only – We are paid solely by the client based on assets under management! There is NO sales pitch, NO commissions, NO products sold, and NO receipt of third party payments, making us a true “fee only” firm. This approach aligns our self- interests as closely as possible with that of our clients.

Fiduciary Standard – Welch Investments LLC is a Registered Investment Adviser (RIA) required by law to maintain a fiduciary relationship with its clients.

Team Approach – Each client works with a team of advisors and office personnel to ensure continuity under all circumstances.

Confidentiality – Our firm operates under a strict confidentiality policy that enables clients to speak freely about factors that may impact financial goals.

No Minimum – Unlike most “fee-only” firms, our firm has NO minimum investment amount.