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Money Tips for College Students

College Student? Do This!

I want to encourage all college students (and their parents) to give considerable thought about how your choices now will impact your future.  Look into your crystal ball at the time of graduation; then five years later; then ten years later…and do it from a financial perspective based on the major you’ve chosen (or are […]

Six Rules of Successful Investing

5 Money Tips for College Students

Soon thousands of young adults will head to college, many for the first time.  As parents, what is it that you hope they’ll learn from the college experience?  Personally, I ‘rolled’ into college, through college, and out of college without giving the whole process much thought.  Fortunately, once I graduated and got a job, I […]

Financial Independence Day

Six Rules of Successful Investing

Investing is a big mystery to a lot of people.  The financial press and cable news shows fill the space with extraordinary investor or investment stories, one after another.  How are these people so smart when it comes to investing?  Yes, there are always a handful of exceptional stories but the truth is that becoming […]

July 4th, Financial Independence Day

On July 4, 1776, a small band of colonial leaders declared independence from the Kingdom of Great Britain.  The American Revolution changed the course of world history forever and launched a nation that no other has since rivaled. In the spirit of the heroes of the American Revolution, would you be willing to consider declaring […]

Living Large on a Small Budget

The following is a modified excerpt from my recently published book, “100 Tips for Having a Champagne Retirement on a Shoestring Budget”, which was a collaboration among all of my associates.  Can you have the car of your dreams even if you don’t have a lot of cash?  Absolutely!  A friend of mine owned a […]

Social Security Strategy

Is Your IRA Safe from Lawsuit?

That was a big unanswered question on the minds of financial advisors and many IRA owners throughout Alabama until recently.  Now advisors can confidently tell their clients that their IRA is protected against the claims of creditors. Unlike 401k and similar plans which are protected from creditors under federal law, IRAs, if protected at all, […]